The blue night sky paint dominates the borders.
A golden nosed dog like one I used to know looks south to the YING YANG divide.
It’s head bandaged in wire for some unknown magical device.
Gold dust sprays from its corpse though he is not dead.
He is not dead.
He is very much alive and dancing between gold splats and stars
And boundaries and borders.
I can see it all in the whiteness of his eye.

Text by AED


As I turned the corner

The fire smoke filled my nares.

His face appeared in my mind


How long has it been?

I travel back fast.

To that place.

To that time

When we were young

And green

When we were young

And by the fire

A TIPI lovers dream.


By AED – Cordoba – Argentina – 11042013

I sit in the chair comfortably, my eyes looking south.
To my right is a mound of stones, all different sizes.
They trail along infront of me to my left where only a few survive.
From the corner of my left eye the pier rolls out like a carpet over the sea, long and dark, its only light at the end.
The sea laps and spits, its waves are choppy today, they come up to greet my wall of stones.
Far out in the sea to the right a fishing boat bobs its way among waves hoping for a catch.
Looking up the darkening sky has not one cloud, just a blanket of glistening stars.

By AED-Cordoba-Argentina-27032013

Once upon a time in a land the colour cream lived a girl who loved to love.

Her friends warned her time and time again to guard her heart, to choose carefully like chocolates from a box with a ribbon.

Every time she tried to be more precious with it but it just didn’t feel right, she was listening to her HEAD and not her HEART.

Her friends would despair of her predictable situations.

You must take care you must be aware.

But the girl who loved to love just could not carve her heart to fit the ways of others.

It was her heart and her heart alone that she must honour.

One Valentine’s Day she was waking from fluorescent dreams

When appeared at her kitchen door a small black and white dog.


She looked at the dog, and then she looked up at the sky, then back at the dog.

The dog meanwhile stood still but not for the wagging of her tail.

In that moment there the girl realised that there was someone that really needed her love

Without any conditions

And right there and right then the girl named the dog VALENTINÉ and she knew that there would be plenty more stories to come.


By AED Corgentina 14022013

She took the river to the girl who could not see.

The way was hot, the men cut trees.

The wheels crunched over scattered stick paths.

Horns tooted to deaf ears.

The Hopper sat as if it had always been there.









She was not suprised really, well maybe a little.

Greetings were not needed.

She accepted him, he accepted her.

The silence between them was healthy.

Words were not needed

And neither were their arms.

Together they flew along the river to the girl who could not see.


Text and Image by AED – Corgentina 09022013

Once in a land far far far away that went by the name of Unquillito stood the tallest tree ever known to man.

The story of the tree was passed down through generations, its grandeur whispered with care in fear of their words extinguishing its very existence.


Now you know the funny thing about the aforementioned tree was that no one could ever find it, because you see Unquillito was not on the map.

With this in mind you may wonder how on earth people knew that the tree was even real but in this story it is not the people that are important, it is the animals and everyone knows that animals do not need maps.

The animals would come from far and wide to see the tree; African giraffes would travel across the seas picking up smaller animals along the way. Monkeys from Asia would swing between trees and boats helping the birds who had lost their wings and of course dogs and cats from every household would all join the pilgrimage to Unquillito, the Mecca of the Southern Hemisphere.

Upon reaching the tree the animals would all wait their turn patiently until their time came to sit inside the trees trunk. They would then have their chakras cleansed and their minds massaged by the ancient and powerful tree spirits, a process that even animals need every now and again.

Text AED Image Csi Nos

Cordoba – Argentina – 06022013

It must have been about 23hs or something like that on a Sunday night.

He was at the wheel without a seatbelt the wheel without a seatbelt but it didn’t matter.

A RIGHT was taken suprising me like always.

At first I thought it was a studio, it was I suppose just not the kind I thought it was I thought.


Yes cutting onions and frying and frying and prying and frying and prying.

Plates table chairs

The DOORS are opened.

the Jasmine Garden

BUTTER hits the nostrils and crawls slowly up the suprised nose.

Walking around in the green I catch a wift of the Jasmines.

Jasmines and butter quite the combination.

Suprising again.

We sit with the table and chairs and plates and onions that were before frying while prying, frying and prying.

Mixed among the butter and jasmines and the music that was to come.

Text and Image by AED – Cordoba – Argentina – 04022013